Join Bruce Crawford and Rutgers Gardens Members on a day trip to Pennsylvania visiting two very special gardens - Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Meadowbrook Farm & Northview Garden, the private garden of Meadowbrook’s Director, Jenny Rose Carey.


8:30AM - 5:00PM

Members: $145pp / Non members: $158pp

This trip is limited to 40 guests only. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

DEPARTS: 8:30am from Rutgers Gardens, 130 Log Cabin Road, New Brunswick NJ 08901

ARRIVES: 10:00am at PHS Meadowbrook Farm, Jenkintown PA

DEPARTS: 3:30pm from Northview Garden, PA

Join Bruce Crawford for a day visiting two gorgeous gardens in Pennsylvania. Your day starts with a pick up at Rutgers Gardens with morning coffee & pastries on the bus. Our first stop is at Meadowbrook Farm, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's (PHS) garden in Abington Township. Here you take a private tour through the garden followed by a picnic lunch in the garden. After lunch you head to NORTHVIEW, the private garden of Jenny Rose Carey, Meadowbrook Farm Director. Jenny is a published author will take you on a private tour of her garden, followed by tea & coffee in her carriage house.


Designed and created by J. Liddon Pennock, Jr. (1913-2003), MEADOWBROOK FARM remains his garden legacy. Situated on 25 acres in East Montgomery County, north of Philadelphia. the property contain the private house, display gardens, and garden center. The original parcel of 150 acres, the house, and its furnishings were given to Liddon and his wife, Alice Herkness (1915-1996), as a wedding gift by her parents in 1936. The house was designed in the English Cotswolds style by architect Robert McGoodwin. From his early entry into the florist business to the decades spent perfecting the gardens that surrounded his home, Liddon was a constant figure in floral and horticultural design in the Delaware Valley and beyond. Owning Meadowbrook Farm enabled Liddon to hone his gift for design and the resulting series of gardens have been featured in many books and magazines. 

[Photos above provided by Meadowbrook Farm] 

Pennock created a series of lush “garden rooms” throughout the terraces using many varieties of holly, pieris, boxwood, southern magnolia, camellia, cherry laurel, and aucuba as evergreen backdrops for colorful, seasonal plantings.  Pennock said about his garden, “nothing can be seen except from where it is intended.” Discovery and surprises wait around every corner. Pennock is also quoted as saying, “We plant for every effect, for the seasons, for continuing flowering, for the evergreen quality.” Every garden is always evolving, but much of what Mr. Pennock planted remains today. The terraced garden was designed on a linear axis with intimate focal points directing your gaze down the vistas. Many of the focal points and accents in the garden are gazebos, structures, and statues repurposed from the years Pennock spent exhibiting at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Meadowbrook was bequeathed to the PHS on Mr Pennock's death in 2004.

NORTHVIEW GARDENS is a glorious garden created by Jenny Rose Carey, Director of Meadowbrook Farm. Designed to appeal to all five senses, Northview provides interest throughout the year, The 4½-acre site was originally part of Wilmer and Anna Atkinson’s 1887 100-acre Victorian Model Farm. Some of the trees planted by Mr. Atkinson (the Founder and Editor of the Farm Journal) remain, including a beautiful 150-year-old Japanese maple.   The current property includes the original 1887 farmhouse and carriage house.

[Photos above provided by Jenny & Northview Garden] 

Northview Garden has thirty-one distinct areas each with its own theme. From the Shade Garden to the Italian Garden to the Sunset Garden – each has a story to tell and features of interest for gardeners of all levels.  Water inspired gardens include the Pond Garden and the Waterfall Garden.  Fun and whimsy can be found in the Victorian-era Stumpery, the Stonehenge-like Castle Garden, the unforgettable Forgotten Garden and the Copper Beech Garden (which displays some excellent copper work from artist Joe Giampa Jr.).  In these gardens, no pesticides are used, watering use is minimized and organic material like trees and branches are reused for paths or garden features.

WEATHER: This trip goes ahead in all weather, rain or shine. It is not possible to book a rain date at the gardens, so this trip will run on June 25 only. Please dress accordingly for the day’s weather.

ACCESS: Expect to be on your feet walking through the gardens for up to 2 hours at a time. The gardens are historical and/or private properties and have grassed paths, slopes and steps. If you are not sure if this trip is right for you, please contact Kirsty.

Ticket includes: transportation on luxury Academy bus with dvd, restroom, wifi & power outlets; driver tip; entry and private tour at PHS Meadowbrook Farm; picnic lunch at Meadowbrook Farm; private tour at Northview Garden; afternoon tea at Northview Garden; breakfast coffee & danishes; bottled water.

Cancellations: Your ticket is refundable up to one month before the tour. After this time, if you have to cancel and we cannot fill your spot, the ticket is not refundable.


Lunch is a tasty boxed lunch catered by Curds N Whey. Lunch includes a choice of salad/sandwich, bag of chips, bottled water, a side salad, fresh baked cookie/brownie, napkin and flatware.  

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Kirsty Dougherty from Noble Garden Tours is handling all bookings/inquiries.

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Bookings are confirmed by email.

Cancellations: Your ticket is refundable up to one month before the tour. After this time, if you have to cancel and we cannot fill your spot, the ticket is not refundable.

Weather: This trip goes ahead in all weather.

Lunch: includes a choice of salad/sandwich, a side salad, freshly baked cookie, bag of chips & bottle of water. Please add your selection/s in the form below and include any allergy or dietary restrictions.

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